Peer-reviewed Publications

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(6) Conroy, J.L., Noone, D., Cobb, K. M., Moerman, J.W., and Konecky, B.L. (2016) Paired stable isotopologues in precipitation and vapor: A case study within western tropical Pacific storms. Journal of Geophysical Research-Atmospheres. 121, 3290-3303. 

(5) S.A. Carolin, Cobb, K.M., Lynch-Stieglitz, J., Moerman, J.W., Partin, J.W., Lejau, S., Malang, J., Clark, B., Tuen, A.A., Adkins, J.F. (2016) Northern Borneo stalagmite records reveal West Pacific hydroclimate across MIS 5 and 6. Earth and Planetary Science Letters. 439, 182-193.

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(3) J.W. Moerman, Cobb, K.M., Partin, J.W., Meckler, A.N., Carolin, S.A., Adkins, J.F., Malang, J., Lejau, S., Clark, B., Tuen, A.A. (2014) Transformation of ENSO-related rainwater to dripwater δ18O variability by vadose water mixing. Geophysical Research Letters. 41, 7907–7915.

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(1) J.W. Moerman & G.E. Potts (2011) Analysis of metals leached from smoked cigarette litter. Tobacco Control. 20, Supp. 1, i30-i35.